Lluc.— Maria Salom, the President of the Council of Majorca, was unequivocal in her claim yesterday that if she and her ruling Partido Popular (PP) team don't get the extra 24 million they need to “make the books balance”, she will have no choice but simply to roll over the budget from 2012 into 2013.

She made it clear that the money the Balearic governmetn is providing for the Council next year won't cover its costs in 2013. Without the authority to impose further taxes to increase its income, the Council is totally dependent on the Balearic and Central Governments.

A few weeks ago, Margalida Roig, the Council's Tax director had given orders to all heads of department that they cut public spending down to a minimum but still the accounts didn't “square up” falling short of 24 million euros.

Roig has been having talks in the meantime with the Balearic Vice-President and Economy Minister Josep Ignasi Aguiló, hoping to negotiate the extra money.

However, there hasn't been agreement and time is not on the side of the Council of Majorca. Roig said that this week, the first draft of the Council's budget for 2013 has to be ready. Details have to be put out for public scrutiny for a month in order to give an opportunity for official objections to be made. A full plenary session of the Council is to be held this Friday.

Maria Salom has said that if agreement isn't reached by that time, she will roll over the budget from this year into 2013.
To the surprise of the Socialists (PSOE) on the Council of Majorca, the Partido Popular have backed a proposal the PSOE made that the government make more funds available. The Council backed it unanimously.