Palma.— The alarm was raised over the fire at No. 72 in Calle Son Nadal in Son Gotleu at 8am and instantly became a surprise ally to Local Police .
Various callers ringing the Emergency Services had claimed that there was thick black smoke pouring out from under the door. When the Palma Fire Service arrived, officers saw that the doors and windows were blocked up.

In order to gain entry to put the fire out, the firemen had to knock down one of the walls below a window at the property.
Once the fire had been extinguished, Safety Officers went further inside the building and discovered 600 marijuana plants and a sophisticated cultivation system.

The police discovered that the property and the activities that went on there belonged to “cooperative” with a long list of members.
According to initial investigations, the building was split up into separate sections, each one belonging to different groups of people. Each “department” was numbered and the plant pots had the individual owners' names on them.

Out of a long list, officers gave examples of: “El niño”, 30; Babel, 24; Mandarine, 40; Crem Caramel, 40; Mónica 120; Kuscus, 150 and Jevi Tutitruti, 100 plants.

In the interior, police found sixty 600 Watt lamps, a number of air conditioning units, smoke extractor units and other material used in cultivation.