Palma.— Representatives of the principal unions in the Balearics, including the Workers Commission (CCOO) and the General Workers Union (UGT) will be massing in at the Christmas lights switching on ceremony today in protest against continued cuts in public spending.

Unions also claimed that as part of the “black Christmas” campaign, they will be “evicting” the Christmas crib display at the City Council offices in Plaza Cort in January. The tactic aims to draw attention to the high number who are forced to leave their homes every day in Spain because they can't afford the rent or mortgage.

CCOO representative Pedro Castro was encouraging the public to join in the protest at the “switching on” ceremony at Palma City Hall. He said it won't be the “usual” demonstration where participants wear black as a mock sign of mourning. Instead 500 black “Father Christmas” hats have been prepared.

He said that throughout the Christmas holiday, there will be around 10 or 12 people dressed in black as Father Christmases, handing out information leaflets on the union cause, highlighting, they claim, how public services are worsening due to the cuts.

The campaign, however, is being carried out at a national level with a number of activities planned to draw attention to the plight of public workers.
On 10th December, 200 euros will be drawn by union representative out of banks nationwide as a symbolic gesture against the financial drain that has been imposed on the country by the need for a European Union rescue package, and on 14th December, an “alternative” open air Christmas lunch will be held opposite City Hall for government workers.