Alcudia.—Modifications to Water Resources legislation tabled by the Balearic government in February last year and which have once again been put up for public scrutiny, will mean that part of Alcudia's municipal sports facilities will have to be demolished.

Some of the installations situated in Avinguda de Corneli Atic are sitting on territory which was returned, on legal demand, to its natural wetland status after 1985. It is not just the sports ground which is affected. Other property which may have to go include plots of private land, hotels and shops - amongst them the Hotel Reina and the Lidl supermarket which was opened less than a year ago.

A clause of the Water Resources law says that “natural marshland areas which were returned to their natural state after 1985 should, as a minimum, cover the same area as before.” “This may mean,” continues the text “that property which interferes with this recovery will need to be demolished.” In response to the possible effects of the changes to legislation, Alcudia town council unanimously agreed yesterday to bring objections to the modifications so that the Environment ministry can minimise the destruction of already-existing property.

The claims of the council are based on a report by municipal architect Antoni Ramis who says that the territory in question is classified as urban land.


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