Palma de Majorca.—Information systems company “Brújula” which carried out the research said that between 64 and 92 percent of people in the Balearics connecting to the internet in 2011 used one of the social networks.

Brújula has undertaken a number of different surveys which have all highlighted the Islands as leaders in internet communication. Facebook is the favourite social network for Islanders and Twitter is the one which has most grown within a year, said the company in a statement.

As a result of the information collated in the internet use study, the company is now recommending to companies in the Balearics that they include (social networking) communication in its business strategy and brand management because it is clear that the web is a common means of contact for island residents.

According to Ocio Network's blogsite, the Balearics is for the second year running, the region of the country most using social networking, with 92 percent of internet users connecting to Facebook and Twitter at various stages in 2011. The National Institute of Statistics claimed that people in the Balearics used the internet 12% more than the Spanish national average, and 6 percent more than the second highest regional user - Murcia.

Facebook is the most used social network in the Balearics (89.9%), followed by Tuenti which showed a user level of 36.8% and Twitter following with 23.7%. Twitter is the network which has grown the most as in 2010, user rate was only around 13%.

A study called “The second generation, teenage use of social networking” by the Camilo José Cela University showed that amongst adolescents in the Balearics, Tuenti is the most popular social network (67.3%).

Brújula pointed out that the use of social networking is increasing not just in the Balearics and across Spain as a whole but also at an international level. The company went so far as to claim that internet habits are now prompting changes in social behaviour.

A separate study on the use of the internet and social networking recently commissioned by Nestea, suggested that 42% of people in the Balearics feel closer to family and friends through the use of social networking. The findings contrast strongly with business use of social networks which in the Balearics hardly reaches 40%.


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