Palma.—The Balearic government yesterday issued a warning for the public to be extremely careful when using heating apparatus this winter.
Now that it appears that Winter is about to set in for real with a sharp drop in temperatures forecast this weekend, the department for Emergencies and the Interior issued a series of recommendations to keep people safe as they battle the cold this winter.

To start with, people are advised not to position gas and electric heaters too close to curtains or furniture and not to dry clothes on or close to them either.

Also, in the case of using gas fueled heaters, make sure the room is properly ventilated.
With regards to electric heaters and the traditional Majorcan foot warmers, the department has warned against placing them under tables and to make sure that all the plugs are dry and that, in the event of a short circuit, the main fuse box should be immediately switched off.

With regards to open fires, make sure there is a protective grill is placed in front of the fire and that it is not left burning over night or if the house is being left empty.

Also, make sure children neither get too close to the fire nor get their hands on matches, lighters or lighter fuels.
Also, for those who have not used their fires this year, make sure that the chimney is not blocked and that it draws properly.
With regards to other domestic electrical appliances, the department reminds people to read the instructions properly, never leave hot irons on top of clothing on the ironing board and do not cover lamps with clothes or paper.

With regards to gas supplies, they should be regularly revised and inspected by professional and recognised inspectors.
If there is a smell of gas then the apparatus or supply should be switched off immediately, open all the windows and call the emergency services.


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