Palma.—The Mayor of Palma, Mateu Isern, yesterday admitted during a heated council meeting, that he does not particularly support the scheme of importing waste from elsewhere in Spain or Europe. “I know it's not the ideal solution and I don't like it,” he said.
But, he admitted that the authorities did not have much option because of the wording of the contract between Tirme, which has the concession to run the incinerator at Son Reus, and the Council of Majorca which actually owns the plant. “Because of the contract, we had no choice because otherwise the incinerator rates would go up by between 70 and 100 euros per household,” Isern said. “I know it's not the ideal solution and I don't like but what it does show is that the Partido Popular is capable of confronting any kind of problem and reaching a solution,” the Mayor added. “For the time being, it's the only solution we've been able to find to prevent incinerator rates going up and households being hit even harder in their pockets. But, we are open to any alternative ideas from the opposition,” Isern said.

Both the environmental group GOB and the opposition Socialists aired their grievances during the council meeting.
The former mayor of Palma and leader of the Socialists on the council, Aina Calvo said that the move has come as a “kick in the teeth” for Palma. “Considering there are some 200 incinerators in mainland Spain, why do we have to look after the rest of the mainland's and Europe's mess,” she asked the mayor.

Calvo even went as far as accusing the Balearic government and the Council of Majorca of “bailing out Tirme, like it has the banks.” Various resident associations also attacked the mayor over the importation of waste, airing their public health concerns.


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