Palma.—The Balearic environmental group stepped up its crusade to block the importation of waste from the mainland and other European countries to be incinerated in Majorca yesterday.

On January 26 a human chain demonstration round Palma docks is being organised to coincide with the next shipment of waste from Catalonia on the mainland and Gob, with the support of opposition political parties and other environmental groups both here in the Balearics and elsewhere in Europe, hope that thousands of people turn out to show their opposition to the project and voice their concerns over the threat the project poses to the environment and public health.

The announcement of the human chain comes just 24 hours after a new European Union report on waste incineration was published and summarised in yesterday's edition of the Bulletin.

Majorca has the largest incinerator in southern Europe and GOB and its backers do not want Majorca “to become the dunghill of Europe” and that is the slogan for the human chain protest on Saturday, January 26.

In 2011 84 percent of municipal waste in Majorca was incinerated while only 16 was recycled and Europe wants those figures reversed.


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