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NINE years after British resident Yvonne O'Brien was brutally murdered at her home in the Port of Alcudia, Interpol has reported a major break through in the hunt for her killer.

Interpol has informed the National Police and the Guardia Civil in Palma about the development which is apparently the result of years of hard work by a British journalist and a private detective.

Police in Majorca will now follow up the latest leads in an attempt to identify the person who murdered O'Brien at the end of August in 1999. “Sexo, amor” (sex and love) were splashed on the walls of the murder scene in blood and her murder shocked the whole island. O'Brien was well-known in Alcudia and led a colourful lifestyle. According to sources for the investigation, the new suspect is someone who was close to the victim but police are keeping the new evidence secret for the time-being. Police, working closely with their British counterparts, initially drew up a list of three suspects, a Moroccan, a Majorcan and a close friend of the victim from Luxembourg.

Yesterday, O'Brien's ex-husband Bernard said that he was happy that the case has been re-opened and that the mystery over who killed his ex-wife may be resolved. But, he admitted that the whole experience has been terrible for his family and that he has no idea as to who killed Yvonne.


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