THE Balearic Government yesterday promised to relocate the 325 students from the Santa Isabel school in Palma to other educational centres in the area next week. This was after tremors were felt in the building for the second time in two months, prompting the parents to protest during a meeting of the Palma council. According to sources at the Balearic Ministry of Education, there was a meeting yesterday morning between the director general of the Planning and Education Centres department, Rafael Bosch, technicians from the Balearic Institute of Infrastructures and Education and Cultural Services (IBISEC) and members of the commission which analysed the tremors felt in the school in November. The technicians said that the tremors had not damaged the structure of the school and they could guarantee the safety of the students and the workers. Afterwards Bosch met representatives from the parents association, who demanded the change in location because of their anxiety over the safety of their children. Bosch promised them that from Monday or Tuesday of next week the pupils of Santa Isabel will take classes in other schools in the area until there is a decision about the school. Before the meeting some of the parents, accompanied by their children, had interrupted the council meeting to demand a solution to the tremors in this building, which were creating “panic” among the scholars, who were refusing to go to the school.