A new project was put forward yesterday to medical staff at Son Llatzer hospital in Palma by the regional Health ministry whereby doctors and nurses will be given the opportunity to work temporarily at hospitals in other parts of the world to increase their specialist knowledge.

The skills programme for health workers was introduced by Health Minister Vicenç Thomas together with Balearic Health Services Chief, Josep Pomar and the Managing Director of Son Llatzer hospital, Luis Alegre.

Applicants will need to detail the area of medical skills which they wish to research and put forward proposals and a timeframe for achieving their objectives. The hospital board will then deliberate on the feasibility of the transfer and may even agree to long periods of absence where necessary.

Nurses and doctors will need to sign an agreement saying that following their period of intensive training in a particular medical skill, they must spend a period of four years on the full-time staff at a Majorcan hospital.