FARMERS across Majorca are using the very latest technology to combat the cold and protect their crops from the big freeze.
Mini robots are watching the crops and monitoring weather conditions controlling either irrigating systems or special heating units. And, according to farmers in Sa Pobla, the rural heartland of Majorca's agricultural industry, technology is serving to protect the island's valuable potato and artichoke crops. The President of the Balearic Farmers' Union, Gabriel Company said yesterday that people may have a simple image of farmers with their flat caps “but, we've got state-of-the-art robots monitoring our crops and other systems which we are controlling with our mobile telephones and, as soon as the temperature drops below -1ºC we get an alert from our robots and then text message the robots with the instructions of what they need to do, begin watering or activate the heating systems,” he explained.

Other farmers have also “double glazed” their greenhouses to protect the summer crops.