By Humphrey Carter PALMA

THE 112 emergency centre received nearly 200 calls from worried residents yesterday morning after an earthquake registering 3.2 on the Richter scale occurred out in the bay of Palma sparked widespread alarm.

The majority of the calls were from people living in Palma and Calvia where the tremor was felt the most but, according to the emergency centre, residents were shaken in Lluchmajor, Marratxi, Montuiri, Esporles and Campos.

The minor quake was registered to have occurred at 8.09am according to the National Geographic Institute which recorded the magnitude of the tremor which lasted just a matter of seconds.

In response to the calls, the island's emergency services were put on earthquake standing in the event of further tremors while all of the affected councils were contacted by the emergency centre along with all the security forces and medical services.

No damage was caused but the small quake certainly caused widespread alarm.
One Bulletin reader who lives in Portals Nous told of how she felt the bed shaking. “I was quite shocked what with all the pictures we've been seeing of Haiti lately. I rushed out of the house to see if any structural damage had been caused but everything looked OK. But later, talking to a friend from Benindat, she spoke of how the glasses began rattling, everyone was really quite concerned,” she said.