By Humphrey Carter

THE underwater caves of Majorca have been featured in the award-winning BBC series Oceans which is still showing on the satellite networks.
Beneath Majorca's eastern coast exists a vast network of submerged caves which show evidence of a change in sea levels that took place thousands of years ago and could provide important information regarding changing sea levels today.

The caves once existed above the water line, but were flooded when sea levels rose and in “The Mediterranean Seas”, the title for episode seven of the eight-part series, the Oceans's divers investigated the island's caves.

Deep within these underwater caves are formations which can only be formed in dry caves - spectacular sculptural stalagmites and stalactites and the unique mineral deposits found on these structures have been dated to reveal when the flooding of these caves occurred.

The evidence shows that 60 to 80'000 years ago the Mediterranean was shallower than it is today and, impressed by the scientific results of years of underwater investigation carried out by the Grup Nord de Mallorca, the BBC decided to follow up the Majorcan findings for the series.