CONSTRUCTION company Prosmi S.L. claimed yesterday that 50 people had already invested in the luxury apartment project at Montport in Andratx, recently earmarked by the Council of Majorca for demolition.

The development had come under scrutiny after a property scandal last year disgraced the then-mayor Eugenio Hidalgo and a circle of town planning officers. Council of Majorca investigators had purportedly been “given the cold shoulder” by administration staff at Andratx town council on occasions when in-depth information on the Montport project had been sought.

The luxury housing scheme is in fact a conglomeration of 18 buildings comprising 68 flats, and received its licence in 2004 during the term of office of Hidalgo. After rigorous research into the manner in which the project was given the green light, the Council of Majorca is now legally condemning it and ordering its demolition for violating planning law (the blocks have been erected on protected land), and for infringing the regional government's Territory Plan.

Prosmi S.L. said that all the people who have purchased property at Montport have registered privately from Tarragona on the mainland. The total amount already invested totals nearly 2 million euros. The Council of Majorca is therefore also asking the courts in Palma to issue a decree to the effect that the properties are to be demolished so that those concerned can be made aware of the situation affecting their property. A spokesman for the Council said: “According to the details we have from the promotor, 50 of the 68 flats have been sold.”