STAFF SECURITY SECURITY in the municipality of Son Servera is going to be stepped up considerably after plans for the installation of 7 closed circuit cameras at two key points of major activity are completed, local Mayor Antoni Servera said yesterday.

The spots in question are the Plaça Mallorca in Cala Millor and the games and sports area in Calle Formentor in Son Servera. Apart from being a deterrent to criminals, the cameras will also help stop a repetition of recent acts of vandalism. “The aim is not to intimidate anyone but we do need to keep an eye on whoever is destroying public property,” Servera explained, adding that constant repair work was proving a drain on Council resources.

The idea to have the cameras installed was mooted as far back as 2008. Thanks to a Central Government aid package, “Plan E,” the security measure will now become a reality at a cost of nearly 46'000 euros.

The 7 permanent CCTV cameras will use digital technology and will be linked through a connection network to the Local Police control hub.
Four of the cameras will be installed in Plaça Mallorca situated at the entrance to Cala Millor. The square had undergone reform work last year at considerable expense to the local Council and had become a feature very much in the tourist eye.

Works included a sports area and playground for children with various games on a platform especially designed with child safety in mind.
The development has nevertheless been subject to vandalism since the completion of the installations and it is hoped that the cameras will act as a deterrent, said the Mayor. The other three cameras will be put up in the children's play area in Calle Formentor which were also rebuilt in 2009.

Apart from keeping an eye on whether there is any wrongdoing at the play area, the Police will be able to check on the tidiness and upkeep of the ground, a landmark which would be noted by visitors from other parts of the island and tourists.

The Central Government delegate in the Balearics, Ramon Socias had said that funding was well worth while because the social and commercial standing of the area would develop favourably if vandalism and rubbish were kept at bay.