LAST year, the Balearics was the region of Spain which lost the fifth highest number of man hours as a result of industrial dispute.
With 732'944 hours given over to strike time in the Islands, the region was only beaten by Madrid where 3'604'892 man hours were forfeited, Vizcaya (3'247'816); Navarre (3'212'241) and Barcelona (2'714'354). The information was released yesterday in a report on industrial conflict produced by the Spanish Business Confederation which confirmed that 3'373 people in the Balearic Islands were officially registered as being on strike at some stage during 2008. At a national level, the number of man hours lost due ot conflict in the work place amounted to 42.2 million throughout last year. The figure represents no less than an 87.6 percent rise in numbers registered in 2007. There were 1'019 strikes in Spain during 2008, 19.6 percent more than in the previous year. The report showed that 359'753 people were directly implicated in industrial action in 2008.