Palma.—The Council of Majorca yesterday announced that it is suspending the importation of waster from Sabadell on the mainland because its is not cost effective.

Despite having amended the law in order for the controversial programme to continue after the Balearic High Court Ruled the practice illegal, the Island Councillor for the Environment, Catalina Soler, was yesterday forced to admit that “the numbers just do not add up” and the programme was costing more than initially calculated.

40 '000 tons of waste was due to be shipped to Majorca to be treated at the Son Reus plant every year, much to the anger of environmentalists, local councils, resident associations and opposition parties, all of which welcomed yesterday's back down by the Council of Majorca which has battled hard to push ahead with the rubbish
According to the Socialist Party's island Councillor, Mercedes Garrido, now the programme has been suspended it must not be allowed to resume until it has been given the green light by the Balearic High Court.