Hotel evacuated SANT LLORENÇ TOURISTS were evacuated from the seventh floor of the Hotel Castell de Mar in Son Moro at mid-day yesterday, after a fire started in one of the rooms. Police sources say that the fire broke out shortly after 1pm, and the cause is not yet known. It only affected one room and nobody was injured. Firemen from Arta and Manacor put out the flames. THE town council will launch its Living in Alcudia brochure on Monday. The brochure will be given to people when they are first included in the census, and it has been published in several languages. It includes useful addresses, telephone numbers, public services and a brief history of the area. THE Balearic ministry of the environment said yesterday that work on the canals in the Albufera park was being done “correctly” and will have no impact whatsoever on the species which live there. The ministry had been accused of destroying more than 250 metres of brambles. But a ministry spokesman said that the undergrowth at the Canal Riego was being cleaned away carefully, so that the species there would not be affected. All the trees and larger shrubs have been left, and only grass and low shrubs had been removed, he said, adding that large amounts of tins, plastic and other rubbish hidden in the undergrowth had been removed. The brambles parallel to the canal have not been touched, he said. THE mortal remains of Llucmajor-born nun Sor Maria de los Angeles Ginart, who will shortly be beatified by Pope John Paul II, has been exhumed and taken to the chapel of her order, the Celadoras del Culto Eucarístico, in Madrid. The exhumation was attended by Llucmajor councillor Guillem Salva, ecclesiastic authorities and members of Sor Maria's family. The nun was shot by firing squad on August 26, 1936, during the Spanish Civil War, and buried in a communal grave. THE town council and the dairy product firm Puleva have launched a Healthy Breakfast campaign in local schools. It is aimed at raising awareness among children of the relationship between the food they eat and health, and promoting correct eating habits. The children will be taught the importance of a balanced diet and the repercussions it can have on their physical and intellectual output. The Quely biscuit factory and Oli Caimari (olive oil) are also taking part in the campaign which will reach 1'134 children aged between three and 12, a council spokesman said. The campaign will start on Tuesday at the Jaume Fornaris school and will continue at Ses Monges and Na Penyal. It is due to continue until the end of March. The campaign consists of a theoretical part, when a varied and balanced diet will be recommended, and a practical session, when the children will test the Healthy Breakfast: milk and chocolate milk, biscuits, olive oil and fruit.

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