A Polish immigrant was hurt yesterday when he fell five metres from the wall he was scaling to return to his new home in an abandoned block of flats in Palma.

The crumbling block near Calle Jacinto Verdaguer has become home for him and two other colleagues since they lost their construction jobs and eventually their rented accommodation.

Now, the victim and his compatriots spend the day scavenging for food and it was as he returned to the block with two bags of out-of-date food dumped by local supermarkets, that he fell, seriously injuring himself as he landed on his back, banging his head on the pavement.

The Local Police and an ambulance crew reached the scene swiftly where the Pole was lying on the ground unconscious.
Medics managed to revive the victim before stabilising the Pole and rushing him to Son Dureta Hospital where he was said to have been recovering last night.