ANDREA Mahoney died in Majorca after being involved in a six-car pile up along the Via Cintura last October. She has been laid to rest but her father's fight for justice continues. Four people, including Andrea aged 27, were injured in the crash in the early hours of Friday October 4, one the victims was air lifted to a special burns unit in Barcelona while Andrea was taken to the Clinica Juaneda, where her father John Mahoney, talking to the Bulletin by phone from his home in the UK, said the medical staff and doctors were wonderful. Andrea remained in hospital until October 28, the day she died “we were never able to talk to her again after the accident” John said. Andrea was travelling in a Ford Focus with two other Britons, the driver and a passenger in the back seat, she was sitting in the front passenger seat at the time of the crash. John Mahoney said yesterday that one back seat passenger “flew, as planned, to Australia within 24 hours of the accident while the driver left the island a week or so later after being released from the Juaneda. Neither were asked to make a police statement, no breath tests were taken, no blood tests or urine samples.” John Mahoney said yesterday that he is becoming “increasingly frustrated” as he wants justice to be done. He has appointed a Palma lawyer and wants the Palma police and judiciary to hurry up in the bid to declare exactly what happened and who was responsible. “This is not about compensation, no amount of money will ever bring Andrea back, any damages that are forthcoming I shall give to her brother, this is about justice,” he said. “Here in England there is a coroner's investigation open and my local MP for Upminster, Conservative Angela Watkinson is also being very helpful as are the police who can't quite believe the slack way in which the Majorcan police have dealt with this,” he said. “I know that the investigation in Palma is still open, in fact the driver who is now in the UK and recently wrote to me, has been summoned to make a statement to Palma Nova police early next month, but I doubt he will show to be honest and where does that leave me and the family?” “ I'm considering taking action against the Majorcan police, I expect people to do their jobs and to me it appears that police in Majorca have not done theirs in this case.”