By Humphrey Carter

BY the end of this month, the installation of 74 kilometres of electricity pylons along the Inca to Palma railway track will have been completed and the new electric train service between Palma and Inca is expected to come into full operation this summer.

The SFM Majorcan Railway Company has spent the past year adapting the stretch of line for the new electric trains, many of which are already on the island.

The first wagons arrived in Palma in December and over the past months, more wagons have been shipped over and the new electric train is being tested regularly on the metro track.

Eventually, Majorca's entire railway service with be electric but, until all 1'200 new electricity pylons have been erected, diesel trains will continue to operate on the routes out to Sa Pobla and Llevant.

Once the Inca to Palma line is ready for the new electric trains, and until more trains arrive on the island, one in three services will be electric and using the very latest technology.

The new electric trains will not only be quieter and reduce the island's carbon footprint, they will also be quicker and provide a much more comfortable ride. Extra transformers are also being installed at the Son Costa power plant, which supplies the electricity for the metro, to provide enough electricity for the trains and, in the event of one of the four transformers breaking down, the other three are more than capable of compensating for the lack of power.

The electrification of the railway service is all part of the Balearic government's commitment to increasing and improving public transport.
The expansion of the railway with the new lines to Manacor and Sa Pobla have been well received by rail users and the next stop for the train in going to be Alcudia and the East coast.