FOLLOWING some information in a recent publication (not the Bulletin), it seems that there is, once again, some confusion with regard to what the functions of our Residencia certificate/card and a certificate of the ‘Padron' are. I didn't read the article in question, myself, but I have received a lot of queries about it, and so I think clarification is needed, I will do my best.

Our Residencia is obtained from the department of Extranjeria in Palma only.
It is either a green A4 certificate or a smaller credit card size green card.
The Residencia is proof that you are registered as an E.U. resident of Majorca.
Some of these documents carry the words “Con carácter permanente” in this case it does not expire.
If it does not bear those words, it has an expiry time of 5 years, and needs to be renewed. (In Palma).
A certificate of Padron or Empadronamiento means that you have registered locally in your Town hall as a resident of the municipality in which you reside.

You will need different certificates of the Padron at different times. For example : - For your travel discount on flights/boats within Spain
To join our Spanish classes
To register with a doctor.
There are many other reasons, but that is just a small example of why the Padron certificates exist, so that you can enjoy travel discounts and municipal benefits.

The certificates of Padron are available from your Town Hall.
Also in the case of Calviá you can obtain them from the Tourist information offices or the Policia Local.
Please don't confuse this with the Residencia, you can't get a Residencia from the Policia Local.
It is important if you live here, that you register in both places, the Department of Extranjeria AND in your local Town Hall.
Having said all of that, I have to admit it is confusing.
In fact, even some of the airport staff are confused too, let me explain.
I had cause to fly to Barcelona the other day, so duly got my passport out (official ID with a photograph) and a certificate of Padron for my travel discount, as it was a national flight. Something told me to take my green Residencia certificate too, although in theory I didn't need it. Just as well that I did take it with me. At the departure gate, the girl took my passport, and as I handed her the Certificate of Padron (correct) she said “no, no” and insisted on seeing the green certificate.

On the way back however, at the departure gate, the Barcelona girl looked at my passport, and then asked (quite rightly) to see my cert of Padron, just the opposite to the other girl. Make no wonder the general public is confused, I work in the Town hall and I'm confused!! The sooner we get the Residencia card with a photograph on it back, the better. To be truthful, it's not looking good, but no way are we giving up on it! Just as complicated is the situation with driving licenses.
There are lots of “versions” of what is right and wrong out there.
Initially, we, at the International department, were told that European residents could drive in Majorca on their British/German/French etc. driving licenses, as long as they underwent a medical and registered their license at TRAFICO. Seems simple enough... but ... a German resident was routinely stopped by the Police, and when he produced his German license, he was told he had to change it for a Spanish one.

The question is, was the Policeman as confused as the girl at the departure gate in Palma airport ?, or has the procedure changed again?
I am always loathe to write about issues such as these, but will endeavour to obtain the right information and share it with you. My goodness, It is stressful just writing about it! O N a a lighter note, we had our monthly Associations meeting this week. It was great to see one of my fave “journo's” Mr Frank Leavers there, in representation of Mallorca Cricket Club. As you know Frank is a professional journalist who writes regularly in the Bulletin. We joked, at the beginning of the meeting, that we had better mind our P's and Q's as we may find ourselves the subject of one of Frank's humorous columns. We had a positive meeting, with a lot of laughs about the St Patricks day parade, which, by the way is coming on an absolute treat. There are other events going on too. The Associations are always very busy, and do a huge amount for charity. In May at Europe Day, we will be announcing the E.U. citizen of the year winner. In previous years our winners have been :- Jackie Codd of Age Concern, Dr Michael Stoma, Allen Graham, Micky Loly from the Heartpillow project, Robert Winsor and Kate Mentink. We have already had a few suggested nominations for this year, but I'm sure the Associations will come up with a few more before the deciding meeting which will be in April. It's good to show recognition for a job well done.

Forthcoming events are :
Age Concern have an excursion to the pottery factory and studio on March 11th. There will be a lunch in Petra included and the price is 23€. More information from Jackie Codd of Age Concern on 971 231520.

The Allen Graham charity have a quiz night at Mojo beach on March 20th. l A bottle tombola, Second time around charity at the House of Katmandu, March 23rd.
A treadmill charity walk at Santa Ponsa Country Club (Allen Graham charity) on 22nd and 23rd March
Mallorca Cricket Club have their traditional Spring Fair on June 2nd.
Although it is a long way off, September 28th, I am delighted to announce the return of the Rotary Club of Calviá's sponsored walk, which will be back in Santa Ponsa.

We did have a try at holding it in 2012 at El Toro.
By popular demand we have managed to get the go ahead for it to be held in Santa Ponsa this year, great news.
Before I could establish the date for Europe day, this year, I had to wait to find out the date of the Fiesta of the Spanish regional communities, which is traditionally held in Santa Ponsa, near the windmill.

I've just had confirmation that this will be on Sunday 5th May, which means that Europe day can now be announced as Sunday 12th of May.
That too is good news, and May 12 is the date we were hoping for.
The Spanish regional communities day is one not to be missed, I can tell you about it nearer the time.
In the meantime we have a lot to look forward to.
Buen fin de semana! Angie x