BEACH cleaning and maintenance is to be carried out at Cala Mayor, Ca'n Pere Antoni, Ciutat Jardí and Cala Estancia by Palma city council.
Catalina Tarrassa, Infrastructure councillor, confirmed yesterday that although originally for one year, the commitment is extendable for another four. The period of operation will mean that there will be a daily clean-up process during the high tourist season, including the removal of seaweed. Between the low season from November to April, these areas will be cleaned on a weekly basis. The city council will be responsible for the upkeep of the rubbish bins and other installations related to cleanliness; the renting of sun beds and pedaloes; management of volleyball areas and beach access boards for the handicapped. In total, the city council will invest 5'841 euros a year in Cala Mayor; 5'475 in Ca'n Pere Antoni; 4'393 in Ciutat Jardí and 5'832 euros in Cala Estancia. Separately, the council will take responsibility for managing Son Ferriol, Coll de'n Rabassa and Son Ximelis libraries to provide them with further resources for a period of a year, possibly extending a further 12 months. An annual sum of 42'400 euros will be invested in each centre.