Joan Collins THE Official College of Naval and Oceanic Engineers have presented a proposal for the enlargement of the Port of Palma by some 230'000 metres in the Dique del Oeste. hey propose the demolition of the existing ferry terminals and the construction of three new ones at Moll Vell, Peraires and Dique del Oeste, amongst other restructuring. The cost is estimated at 310 million euros which it is thought will come from concessions and private enterprise. The College of Engineers plan to create an area in docks of Moll Vell for boats, where there will be a maintenance area (58'500 metres) and mooring for large yachts (67'000 metres) of at least 30 metres in length, and a space for “tertiary services” for companies, businesses or other concerns. At the spot furthest away from the cathedral there would be a mooring area and ferry terminals, while in the area near Portixol an area denominated “the olympic port” would be constructed, where the moorings for small boats (of up to five or six metres in length) would be moved to. At the moment these are moored in front of Sa Llotja. The naval engineers propose the demolition of the existing ferry terminals in Peraires, the extension of the line of moorings for cruise ships towards the sea and the construction of a specific terminal to deal with cruise tourists. As a result of this reorganisation, there would be a space of some 6'000 metres free in the Club de Mar which they propose be used as a dry dock. In line with the proposals from the Chamber of Commerce and the Port Authority, the naval engineers are in favour of enlarging the port at the Dique del Oeste, although to a lesser extent. In the area nearest to Porto Pi a ferry terminal for passengers and rolling cargo would be constructed. Then an area of 71'000 metres would be dedicated to moorings for cargo ships, whether the cargo be rolling stock or containers, while the sea side of the dock would be devoted to new moorings for bulk carriers and tugs. The College of Naval Engineers said that this proposal has the approval of the shipping companies and “only a few objections” from the cruise agents.