THE Balearic Government yesterday approved the fine of 75'000 euros imposed on each of two Palma business for a serious breach of the Commerce Law by selling items in a “concealed sale”. They rejected the appeals presented by the companies against this ruling. The spokesman for the government, Joan Flaquer, said during a press conference that the two establishments which had been fined were situated in the Avda Jaime III and in Porto Pi commercial centre respectively. He added that both of them had been inspected in December 2004 and the inspection found that between 35 and 40 percent of the products in these establishments were being sold on “special offer”. Once the sanction proceedings had been heard, the government had agreed to fine the two businesses 75'000 euros each for a very serious breach of the Law on Commercial Activity in the Balearics. The owners of both establishments had presented appeals against this decision, which were yesterday rejected by the government, on the understanding that the “special offer” displayed all the necessary characteristics for it to be considered, in fact, a sale. As this was being done a few days before the start of the legal period established for the sales, it was a “hidden sale” and therefore a serious breach of the law.