By TIm Fanning

THE Centro Canino has been given permission to put the dogs that are being looked after at the animal shelter up for adoption.
Staff at the centre were initially under the impression that the dogs could not be put up for adoption as the court ruling earlier this week had transferred responsibility of the animals to Palma Council.

However, it has now emerged that members of the public looking to adopt a dog can get in contact with the Centro Canino.
Vice President of the Centro Canino Julie Ford said that though they were looking to adopt out animals, it was important that prospective new owners understood the entailing responsibilities.

The council has been granted permission to begin removing the animals that are currently being looked after at the Centro Canino to the Son Reus municipal pound or another suitable location.

However, Ford reiterated that the Centro Canino would not allow any of their animals to be taken to Son Reus as they regarded the pound as full.
She also welcomed the deal reached between the public authorities in Majorca and the animal welfare bodies to draw up an animal protection plan for the Island.