STAFF REPORTER THE latest data on the flu virus in Spain relating to the week between 15 and 21st February, shows that the average number of victims across the country was situated at 54.81 cases per 100'000 head of inhabitants. This means that for the second week running, the average has fallen below the estimated benchmark for the incidence of flu at this time of year. The previous week, 59.79 cases per head of 100'000 had been registered. According to a report made public yesterday by the Epidemic watchdog in Spain's National Health system, Catalonia continues to be the region worst affected with 91.75 cases per 100'000. But it would seem that all regions are experiencing a downturn in comparison with the previous week as even Catalonia had a rate of 158.44 per 100'000 prior to 15th February. Castilla y Leon is next highest on the list with 81.1 cases per 100'000, followed by the Balearics with 71.15 cases. The report confirmed the virus was on the wane in all age groups except in that of 5-14 year-olds where a slight up-turn had been reported.