PALMA PALMA City Council said yesterday that plans to create a 125'000 square metre park on the sea front are in their final phase with predictions being made that they will be presented for approval in the second week of March.

A spokesman confirmed that the plans now include a “large number” of the amendments that were put forward during the period of time the project was put for public scrutiny, one of which will be to enable the Council to make use of 40'000 square metres within the park boundaries for public purposes - entertainment, concerts, exhibitions, etc. Urban Planning Councillor, Yolanda Garvi added that the aim of wanting to achieve as wide a consensus as possible has been achieved and that the Council of Majorca will then need to approve the development by 16th July.

The key changes to the initial project are that any building work will be reduced to half the original height and that the park will be “leafy and green” with more space made for planting, allowing trees to grow to their maximum height and width.