By Staff Reporter

POLITICAL corruption has become one of the chief concerns of residents of the Balearics, according to a survey released yesterday.
The spate of alleged cases of political corruption in the Balearics, which has seen former ministers and councillors charged and in some cases sent to prison, is starting to become a major worry for local residents although housing and job stability are still the two principal worries.

The survey by the Spanish Institute of Sociological Studies revealed that political corruption has only become a major worry over the last few months as the cases have come to light. Also, the political classes have been dented by the recent scandals with suppport for Balearic leader, Francesc Antich and leader of the opposition, Jose Ramon Bauza, falling.

The survey reveals that the majority of local residents would like to see a pact between the major political parties to help fight off the recession. Plans by the Spanish government to increase the pension age to 67 have also been badly received with 82 percent of people saying that they were against any change. The main unions have been actively campaigning against this move designed to combat the recession and provide the Treasury with extra funding by reducing the state pension burden.