THE “Celler Montenegro”, a traditional restaurant situated in the heart of Palma's historic sector, witness to Spain's transition from dictatorship to democracy, is to close today. The restaurant was a meeting place for leading political groups in its day and its closure will put an end to history shared with clientele already belonging to several generations. “All that has happened here over the years should be the subject of a book” asserted the owner of the bodega, Juan Llabrés Mulet, who in 1966 started to convert the premises into a bastion of traditional Majorcan food. Throughout the 36 years of its history, es Celler has offered its clientele the typical specialties of the Island, amongst them, frito mallorquín and tumbet. The owner also developed fresh ideas in fish dishes and complemented main courses with a variety of homemade desserts. Thousands of tourists, residents and personalities from films, TV and radio have graced the tables of es Celler over the years. Llabrés is intending to rent the site.