SHORTLY after 11pm last Wednesday, four Ecuadorians were travelling in a red Seat Ibiza along Via Alemania towards Plaça Fortí. At the intersection with calle Jesús, the car - for reasons as yet unknown -struck a post supporting a clock and weather gauge in the central reservation. Three of the occupants fled, leaving a wounded companion trapped in the wreckage.

Police and emergency services attended the scene, freed the remaining occupant and gave chase to those who had “flown the nest.” The search was unsuccessful in spite of a trail of blood which petered out in the direction of calle Jesús. Police discounted the theory that the car had been stolen because documentation found in the car linked the occupant who had been hospitalised to the ownership of the vehicle. Officers are anxious to question the injured man as soon as possible to be able to track down those that had run from the scene of the accident.