By Brett Gibbons BRITISH seasonal workers in Majorca face having their summer job plans hijacked by hard-working East Europeans. Already, with the summer season still several weeks away, groups of Polish and Rumanian youths are touring bars and restaurants in the Calvia area touting for work.


The influx of East Europeans means they are ideally placed to pick up any available jobs before the hordes of British youngsters arrive for a season-long working party.

A Magalluf bar boss claimed the East Europeans were more dedicated than their British counterparts and were mainly more reliable. “With many of the British youngsters, they are here for one long party. Work is a hindrance which gets in the way of their lifestyle. “However, the Eastern Europeans, especially the Poles, are prepared to work a lot harder for a lot less money. They are always on time and give very little grief to employers, which is the exact opposite of the British youngsters,” he said.

The bar owner said the Polish youngsters were well prepared and ready to take on any task. “They have CVs produced and are happy to take on any form of work, whereby the British tend to first want to know what time they are having off and how much money there are going to get,” he said. However, each year seasonal workers find it harder to find work and accommodation as they arrive in Majorca for a summer in the sun. “There is always a shortage of places to live. This got steadily worse last year and I am anticipating it will be the same this summer. “Also it will be more difficult on the jobs front because many establishments will not be recruiting until they see how the season is going before taking people on,” added the bar boss.

Available jobs were savagely cut last summer through Calvia Council outlawing the use of touts to approach tourists and attract them into bars.
New regulations blocked the use of the touts - known as PRs - but bar owners and workers are expecting the tough rules to be relaxed a little to allow one tout per bar this forthcoming summer.