“ Fairs and Congresses” a Balearic public company, is planning to market products and services of the Islands in trade fairs and exhibitions, on both a national and international basis. The move will follow the forthcoming ratification of an agreement between European and Spanish trade fair institutions.
Director of Fires i Congressos, Joan Bibiloni, explained that the collaboration agreement will aim to co-ordinate trade fair exchanges between varying exhibition points around Spain and Europe. If a Majorcan craftsman is interested in exhibitiing his work at a trade fair in, say, Galicia, he will be able to get help from the Institution and, conversely, Galician artesans and other European traders will have the same opportunity in the Balearics. Separately, the director of Fires is studying the possibility of converting the exhibition area in the Polígono Levante into a space for cultural activities. The aim is to make the space even more profitable at times of the year when there is traditionally a lull in public events.