NEWS DESK AFTER a question from the Socialists in Opposition on Muro town council regarding improvement work much needed on the road to Santa Margalida, local Mayor Jaume Perello reported yesterday that he had “been in contact with the Roads department of the Council of Majorca” to urge them to act not just on that particular road, but also on the one - in similar need of improvement - to Can Picafort.

Perello said that Highways director Gonzalo Aguiar had told him that although the Muro to Can Picafort road was firmly “on the waiting list,” the same could not be said of the Santa Margalida road, apparently because of budgetary reasons.

Aguiar explained that the Council of Majorca is currently carrying out improvements on the road between Alcudia and Arta across the Bay of Muro “and the Council can't devote an excessive amount of funding to one particular municipality. And so,” finished Perello, the road to Santa Margalida “will have to wait.”