THE number of original films sold on Majorca during the last five years has fallen by between 60 and 70 percent, due to the rise in pirate tapes, which has caused monthly losses of a million euros for this sector on the island. It has also caused the closure of some 50 businesses.

This was revealed by Carlos Gimenez, the representative of the Federation for the Ownership of Intellectual Property, during the presentation of the campaign to fight against the sale of illegal audiovisual material by roving sales people in bars and restaurants.

The campaign will see posters with the slogan Sale of pirate goods is forbidden on these premises situated in the entrance of around 10'000 establishments, mainly bars, cafes, and restaurants on Majorca where this activity is to be found.

The initiative is being carried out with the cooperation of Palma council and the collaboration of the Majorcan Videoclubs Association and the Catering Association from PIMEM (the Association of Small and Medium Sized Businesses) on Majorca, and will try to make the public aware of the consequences of pirating and warn the people who sell pirate goods of the banning of this activity.

According to the President of the Catering Association of PIMEM, Juan Cabrera, businesses will put up notices specifically banning the sale of pirate CDs and DVDS.

This is a practice which, together with the expanding of the internet, has caused the closure of 40 percent of videoclubs in the Balearics during the last five years, according to the President of the Federation of Videoclubs, Juan Antonio Tormo.