By Humphrey Carter

OVER a dozen people were arrested by the Guardia Civil organised crime squad yesterday when they swooped on properties in Palma and Manacor as part of the ongoing war against drugs.

The Guardia Civil, some heavily armed and wearing ski masks, are understood to have raided at least six properties early yesterday morning as the security services intensify their narcotics operations.

This year, the Guardia Civil organised crime squad, with support from other specialist units, has mounted two hugely successful anti-drugs operations in Majorca, in Palma and Alcudia, and yesterday's third could lead to even further arrests. “The operation is very much alive and will remain open,” Guardia Civil sources said last night.
The targeted properties and suspects in Palma and Manacor had all been under close surveillance for at least the past month and the plan was to surprise all of the main suspects as they slept.

All of the six raids were launched simultaneously at 6.15am and Guardia Civil chiefs are confident that the prime suspects were in custody last night. Sniffer dogs were used to search all of the properties, which the Guardia Civil are convinced were being used to traffic drugs, and different quantities of various items, including drugs, were taken away by the Guardia Civil for further examination.