ANA Botella, wife of Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar and a politician in her own right (she is a Madrid city councillor) visited Majorca yesterday to attend a lunch-rally of Popular Party (PP) supporters in Inca and a social event organised by the Party in a Palma hotel. She was also received by Balearic leader Jaume Matas.
Asked about the outcome of the March 14 general elections, she had no doubts: “Spaniards are basically sensible, they know that their future for the next few years depends on March 14, and if we look at the Balearics for example, where there is the experience of a government pact of several parties against the PP... that's the alternative which now exists in Spain.” The alternative to a coalition led by the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers Party) was “a PP government with a leader (Mariano Rajoy), who is undoubtedly the most experienced politicians of all those who are seeking election, with a united party, which says the same in every part of Spain, with a programme and policies which have brought Spain progress.” She also praised her husband for taking a secondary role in the campaign, leaving the limelight to Mariano Rajoy.