By Humphrey Carter

A major investigation is underway into the cause of a fire which gutted one of Magalluf's most popular bars, Jumping Jaks, yesterday morning.
The alarm was raised at 7am yesterday but by the time fire fighters from Santa Ponsa had reached the scene in Punta Ballena by 7.15am, the interior of the large bar had already been gutted.

First on the scene was a member of the Local Police who broke into the premises, which was closed for the winter, armed with a fire extinguisher, but there was little he could do.

Fire service sources claim that the interior of the bar had been smouldering for hours before they got there and that extensive damage had been done.
After an initial inspection, the blaze appears to have begun at the back of the bar and then the roof apparently caught fire but, by the time anyone realised what had happened, the entire interior of the bar had been completely gutted. The owners were said to have been in severe shock yesterday. Only last year they had made a serious investment in reforming the bar and were expecting to open for the season again next month.

Now, all the owners can hope for is to reopen as quickly as possible before the summer influx of holiday-makers.