THE State Tax Office denied yesterday that it was closing its offices in Inca and Manacor and announced that not only was it going to maintain services to the public in all its branches around the Islands, but that it was also going to step up the fight against fraud. Hacienda administration sources confirmed that it is currently preparing for “gradual” internal reorganisation which is to see the first phase of a three or four-year programme kick off in November. On the agenda are the opening of other offices for meeting demand. The same source made it clear that Tax office administration staff, without exception will attend to all requests for help and assistance from the public, particularly during the period of the year when “Returns” have to be completed. It is intended that 95 percent of the offices will continue to carry out controls on those taxpayers who elect to settle their dues through the fixed sum “module” system. Special teams will be set up to oversee businesses and professionals who choose to make direct declarations of income and expenditure, as opposed to going through an accountant. The Tax office claims that these finely-tuned efforts to monitor annual “returns” will help to crack down on fraud and other illicit practices. From the point of view of the taxpayer, some of the frustration of having to report to Hacienda will be removed by now being able to make appointments in advance.