THE Balearic Youth Council (CJIB) yesterday launched its website www.kelifinder.com, the first site which gathers together information about meetings and helps to make access to housing in Spain and the autonomous regions easier. Keli Finder sports shoes are at the core of the promotion campaign for the website, which also has an advertising slot in cinemas and a radio advert recorded by the group “Goma Espuma”. Keli means “house” in gypsy language, finder is self-explanatory. “An idea which has generated some criticism but which has allowed us to break the monotony of a traditional campaign. The controversy has been good publicity for us and we had 4 million hits on the site on its first day”, said Joan Ferra, President of the CJIB, who was accompanied by his Vice president, Rafel Sedano. Of the 10'000 Keli Finder sports shoes which will be distributed in Spain, 400 pairs will be distributed in the Balearics. In Palma they are being distributed at the headquarters of the CJIB in Calle Ausias March, number 3. This is an initiative by the Spanish Youth Council which has had the collaboration of the national Ministry of Housing. Their objective is to bring together on the web official announcements about new housing, legislation, management companies and addresses of interest among other things which will help the task of looking for a home. Also, it is possible to sign up to an alert service which sends information which could be of interest by email or through text messages to your mobile telephone.