By Humphrey Carter A 48-hour news blackout on the murder of the Soller hotel owner Siobhan Kearney in Dublin last week is expected to be lifted by the Irish police today. With detectives and forensics continuing to investigate the 37-year-old's murder at her luxury home last Tuesday, police imposed the two-day news blackout on Sunday and urged her family to make no comments to the press. The police are worried about the case receiving unwarranted publicity and, according to journalists in Ireland, took the “unusual step” of imposing the news blackout. The news freeze only served to add to the mystery surrounding the case of the wealthy mother-of-one who, with her husband, took over the luxury six-bedroom Hotel Salvia in Soller three years ago. It is, however, understood, that claims on Saturday that the police were following up a new lead and were looking into Kearney's relationship and possible dispute with an “associate” may have been made to confuse the media. Meanwhile, police refuse to identify the man who was detained for questioning before being released without charge on Thursday. The autopsy results are also being kept secret. Kearney, who was apparently strangled to death with a piece of vacuum cleaner flex, had only recently returned to her Dublin home from Soller. She was believed to have been set to return soon, with her three-year-old son Daniel, to get the hotel, which is open from April to October, ready for the season. She was also apparently planning on selling her Dublin home and settling in Majorca full time. But there appears to have been complications as a second house the couple had built near their existing Dublin home was taken off the market last year.