Palma.—While the Germans continue to be the dominant foreign community in 28 Majorcan municipalities, in 14, Moroccans outnumber both the British and the Germans.

Most of those municipalities are inland, in more rural areas, while the British and German continue to be the most numerous in the coastal resorts. For example, the Moroccan communities are flourishing in sa Pobla, Campanet, Felanitx and Vilafranca where there is plenty of work in the agricultural industry.

But, the Moroccans are also the predominant foreign community in Inca and Manacor.
The British community is the dominant one in nine municipalities while in Palma, it is the Bulgarians and in Maria de la Salut, the Ecuadorians.
According to the latest figures from the National Statistics Institute, there are 242'570 registered foreign residents in Majorca, nearly 22 percent of the population. However, in some towns and municipalities, that percentage is much higher.

In Deya, for example, 41.23 percent of the population is foreign making it the town with the highest percentage of foreign residents in Majorca.
In Santanyi, 36.98 percent are foreign and in Andratx, 35.9 percent of the local inhabitants are from overseas - and do not forget that in 2011, 5'000 South American immigrants decided to return home and many are still doing so as they fall victim to the on going recession. According to the experts, many arrived during the booming start to the millennium but soon got caught when the property bubble burst.

At the other end of the scale, in Marratxi, just 5.39 percent of the population are immigrants, in Consell it is 7.56 percent and Santa Maria, just 8.1 percent.