ACOTUR, the association which defends the interests of shops in tourist resorts, has announced that it plans to protest outside the central government's office because nothing has been done to help them win the right to have cigarette vending machines in their establishments.

Spokesman José Tirado claimed that Ramon Socias, the government representative, had not been in touch with them since their last meeting on January 29. “We are surprised at his silence, despite repeated calls by us, in view of the proximity of the tourist season,” Tiardo said, adding that shop representatives would meat on Tuesday to discuss their campaign of protests. Tirado added that the uncertainty of the situation was “unsupportable,” particularly after a poor 2006 season “where sales dropped because of decisions of a political nature, which paid no attention to real needs.” He went on to say that support had been received from all the political groups in the Balearics and the Socialists.
The sale of tobacco in shops has been banned under Spain's tough anti-smoking laws, but shops in tourist areas are seeking exemption, alleging that a large part of their income comes from cigarette sales.