THE centre right Partido Popular were licking their wounds yesterday after their worst result in the Balearics since the General Election of 1989.
Only eight years ago, the PP won 53.84 percent of the vote in the Islands. Yesterday, they managed to win only 44.04 percent, their lowest share of the vote since winning 40.69 of the vote in 1989.

However, the party held on to their representation of four seats in the Congress of Deputies.
Rosa Estaras, the party president in the Balearics, said that she was “reasonably satisfied” with Sunday's result. She said the result was “much better” than the rest of Spain and showed that the party had consolidated itself in the Balearics.

She added that the Socialists had devoured the vote of the other left-wing parties in the Islands, such as Unitat and EU.
While congratulating, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero on his victory, she said the Socialists needed to look at the reasons why they had not obtained an absolute majority in the Congress of Deputies for their second mandate.

She also noted that while the Socialists had won more seats nationally than the PP, in the Balearics there had been a “technical draw”.
However, the PP in the Balearics can't hide the fact that they have lost votes in this election, albeit it a small amount. In 2004, they won 214'570 votes. On Sunday, this figure dropped to 207'273. In Majorca, they won 167'850 votes compared to the 173'54 they won in 2004. In Minorca, their vote remained stable with 17'124 voters casting their ballot for the populares compared to 17'743 in 2004.

However in Ibiza and Formentera, they polled 21'146 compared to 23'284 in 2004.