BALEARIC hotels are some of the priciest in the country this month, cost comparison watchdog www.trivago.es reported on its website yesterday.
According to its Hotel Price Index research, the average cost of a night at a hotel in the Balearics is costing 91 euros, 16 percent less than charges for the same time last year when they averaged out at 108 euros.

The Islands however, are not demanding such high prices for staying in hotels this month as are the Canary Islands, Catalonia and Madrid where average costs per night are 106, 105 and 99 euros respectively. At the other end of the scale, the cheapest rates are to be found in the regions of Asturias and Galicia where a night in a hotel will cost 70 euros or in Murcia where guests can expect to pay 71 euros a night.

Hotel prices are also lower in the interior regions of the country such as Castilla y Leon (72 euros), Aragon (73) and La Rioja (75) as they are traditionally areas which receive less visitors. In terms of price comparisons in cities around the country, hotels in Palma (111 euros per night) are almost as expensive as those in Barcelona which charge the highest rates in Spain, 112 euros.

Hotel rates in Barcelona and Palma said the watchdog on its website, are almost double the charges made in Murcia and Zaragoza where economical tariffs mean that guests can pay 61 and 65 euros per night respectively. Some other European cities have put their charges up this year even higher than those registered around Spain.

Prices in Rome have soared by 21 percent over the past month meaning that visitors will pay an average of 125 euros per night.
And in London, compared to prices last year, hotels have seen costs rise by 24 percent so that the average overnight stay in the capital is now around 172 euros.

Further east, in Istanbul, hotel prices have risen by 27 percent within a month so that the average rate per night is 100 euros.
Trivago.es has a database of information on more than half a million hotels around the world.