PALMA UNION representatives on Palma City Council leapt to the defence of the city's Local Police yesterday, claiming that the “chaos” that reigns in their ranks is being prompted by what they described as the pompous high-handedness of politicians and security force chiefs.

The Unions, including the Workers Commission (CCOO) and the General Workers Union (UGT), said in a statement that it was very disappointing to see that not only are the Local Police becoming demotivated, but the lack of respect shown to them in terms of pay and working conditions is resulting in the deterioration of the level of service afforded to the public.

The Unions said that the City Council was well aware when it took office four years ago that the management of the “complications” of the Local Police service was an important challenge. But rather than improving over time, the situation has actually got worse, a spokesmen said.

It would appear, the same sources furthered, that the Local Police are being given all kinds of tasks over and above the call of duty, on a completely arbitrary basis.

One Union representative who asked not to be named went so far as to say that the treatment being afforded to the Local Police is bordering on the illegal and that they are being subjected to totally unjustifiable pressure.

Such mismanagement, he said, could only be attributed to professional slovenliness and incompetence. So far as the Unions were concerned, he added, there is ample evidence that the hard-won rights of the Local Police to have their jobs properly regulated are slowly being eroded, leaving them prey to the dictatorial whims of some security force chiefs. Such commanders, he claimed, thrive on the insecurity created by internal wrangling.

They are responsible, he said, for flooding the legal system with complaints by both union representatives and officers about the orders the Local Police are given.