By Humphrey Carter REAL Mallorca chairman Vicente Grande's grand redevelopment plan for Son Moix is unlikely to get off the ground after the Mayor of Palma, Mallorca fan, Catalina Cirer said the project was “neither viable for Palma nor any other municipality in Majorca”. Grande does appear to have a contingency plan to using the city council-owned site and build a new stadium elsewhere. Es Molinar, the Poligon Levante and Marratxi have been mentioned as possible sites, but such a move will be met by tough resistance from opposition political groups and environmentalists.

They were all quick to condemn the project yesterday. It involves the construction of three towers of varying height to house office, commercial, entertainment and bar/restaurant space as well as covering 90 percent of the stadium and boosting its capacity to 40'500 seats. Grande considers the project as key to increasing the club's revenue and securing much-needed finances to not only keep Mallorca in the first division but also to purchasing top players. But it appears the authorities are not quite as passionate about the club as he is. Cirer explained yesterday that, in order for Son Moix to have been built in the first place for the Student Games back in 1999, the council was forced to stipulate that the site would only ever be used for sporting purposes. The council planning department does however have the final say, said Cirer admitting that the project is “interesting and innovative.” But, neither the PSOE socialists nor the Balearic environmental group GOB had any praise for the project yesterday. Palma city councillors issued a statement that the city does not need another project which the council “will have to bail out” like the Bon Sosec crematorium and the Avenida Center. “Both started off as private initiatives but had to be saved by the council,” the socialist group said in a communique.
The city council was also urged to “do its job properly and study the project in great detail” before reaching any final conclusions.
What is more, according to the current Majorcan planning laws, such a development is not permitted.
GOB said that the time has come for Palma to draw up a “green and sustainable” urban plan for the future of the city which meets the needs and requirements of the population as a whole. Grande has only just kicked off but he is already going to have to re-think his game plan.