THE Balearic Minister for Social Affairs, Rosa Puig, accompanied by the head of the Balearic Institute for Women (IBM), Isabel Llinas, yesterday inaugurated the exhibition organised by IBM in the Borne entitled “Balearic Institute for Women: history and services”, which will run until March 12. The exhibition is a display of photographs which won prizes in the competition “Women who photograph women”, as well as others which explain the history of IBM and the services for women which they offer. IBM has a library and a documentation centre, free and open to the public, where information can be found on subjects relating to women. It has an information and advice centre, and services specifically for immigrant women. In relation to the Women's Day joint demonstration from the IBM and the Platform for Equality which took place yesterday afternoon Puig said that this had been possible because “common sense had prevailed at last”. She said that IBM decided to organise a march because until then there had not been any official meeting between all the political parties and women's associations. On behalf of the Balearic Government, the Minister thanked the Platform for their support for the march organised by IBM because on International Women's Day it is necessary to unite. Puig remarked on the importance of “being together in the demand for equality for women”.
Finally, the Platform left the Plaza de España for Plaza Olivar where, at 7.30pm, they joined the IBM for the official march to the Borne.