SOCIALIST Member of the Balearic Parliament, Aina Rado, pictured, was appointed as the new Speaker of the Parliament yesterday after the leader of the local government, Frances Antich, struck a deal with the Majorcan Unionists.

Rado was appointed thanks to the votes of the Socialist party, the Left-wing nationalist block and the Majorcan Unionist Party. The opposition centre-right Partido Popular, who had been hoping that one of their members would be the new Speaker, slammed the move yesterday saying that Antich was “prepared to remain in power at whatever cost.” The Balearic leader expelled the Unionists from his local government coalition after a string of alleged corruption scandals which also led to the resignation of the former Speaker of the Balearic parliament, the Unionist Maria Antonia Munar and other members of the party. It had appeared that Antich would never ask for the support of the Unionists again but yesterday it appeared that he has struck a deal with them in return for their support. Unionist Member of Parliament and the Mayor of Andratx, Isabel Alemany will become the new deputy speaker.

If Antich has managed to persuade the Unionists to give him their support even though they are outside the coalition then it will make life easier for Antich who was facing a vote of no-confidence from the opposition Partido Popular who have the most number of MPs in the Balearic parliament.